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Tensai means genius in Japanese and Tensai Science Academy stands by this standard in all our activities. We have made a collection of detailed learning materials designed to be the go-to knowledgebase for science students to learn or reinforce the content learned in school. The educational resources provide additional explanations and illustrations to make it easier to understand science concepts. Please contact us if you have any comments about the content.


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Our Courses

Learning and maintaining a sense of wonder and curiosity about your world.

Students develop scientific knowledge, skills and a curiosity for science based thinking.


Students learn about the human body functions and the mechanisms that work to maintain balance in organisms, populations, ecosystems and in the biosphere.


Students investigate the chemical properties of matter, how elements react and the properties of elements and compounds.


Aiming at developing a better understanding of matter, atoms, energy and the resulting conservation of energy, trasfer of energy, waves and the application of these concepts in real-life situations.

Science Review

Review questions to assess students' understanding of scientific concepts and prepare them for diploma exams.

Tensai Science Academy

Tensai provides science learning resources for student sstarting from Grade 1 to 12. You can access resources for other grades using the links below.

We have developed a one-stop knowledgebase for science students and customized it to address curricula from several countries.


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