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Biology, literally translated to 'the study (Greek -logy-) of life (Greek -Bios-)' is a science that has existed for many centuries. The term 'Biology' was first seen in literature published around the year 1780. Since ancient times, biology has played a significant role in human survival such as food, medicine, draft power, shelter and clothing, especially to prevent exposure to extreme cold, hunting etc. So generally, humans have depended on animals and plants for their survival (in its broad sense) even before domestication efforts started around 10,000 years ago. More recently, Biology has grown immensely in scope and has now resulted in several disciplines/specializations such as cytology, bacteriology, morphology (anatomy), embryology, medicine, physiology, evolution geography, geology etc. This high school Biology course covers 10 subject areas and provides the foundation required by students to pursue more advanced college level biology.

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Unit 2: Macromolecules

Download a pdf copy of Unit 2 -Macromolecules for offline use.

Unit 3: Energy and Matter Exchange in the Biosphere

Download a pdf copy of Unit 3 - Energy Matter Biosphere for offline use.

Unit 5: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Download a pdf copy of Unit 5 - Photosynthesis and C Respiration for offline use.

Unit 7: The Endocrine and Nervous Systems

Download a pdf copy of Unit 7 - Endocrine and Nervous System for offline use.

Unit 8: Population Genetics and Community Dynamics

Download a pdf copy of Unit 8 - Population Genetics and Community Dynamics for offline use.

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